Here, we present a forum created and supported by selfless contributions from our dedicated practitioners across the globe. As enthusiasts, we are captivated by the Chinese rich legacy and we want to extend a hand of fellowship towards you.

About sixty years ago, the traditional Chinese martial arts became very popular in most industrialized nations and several other parts of the world. At present, Tai chi, Qi gong and Taijiquan are being taught and practiced throughout the world and has further developed rich inter -cultural connections.

Our aim for creating this forum is to bring tai chi enthusiasts together and further promote the tai chi movement, as well as improve our involvement in the activity of martial art that is being practiced throughout the world.

We really love to connect with enthusiasts and experts of martial arts from different parts of the world. Our desire is to build bridges and strengthen our relationship in continuous learning and practicing tai chi, alongside other forms of martial art. We do this because we strongly believe that the future is this global movement.

Therefore, we call on all enthusiasts, masters, practitioners and professionals of tai chi to join our forum as we continue to employ strategies aimed at improving our capacity as martial arts practitioners.