Over the years, we have raised thousands of Tai Chi students all over the world, who are now more experienced in sharing the arts with other people. It is also our usual practice to attend Tai Chi competitions, just to regularly evaluate our skill level.

In 2015, our students had a beautiful outing in the 7th Tai Chi Competition in New York. Out of nine competitions in the tournament, we won two the Tai Chi Chuan 42 Forms gold medal and three silver medals for the Tai Chi Sword 42 Forms category.

In 2017 also, our school participated in the 9th annual US Open Martial Arts Championship which took place in New York. Though the competition was thoroughly competitive, our students were keen to compete with any available challenger. The competition saw us through in winning a silver medal in the Tai Chi Sword 32 Forms.

In 2018 again, just after our 9th Annual US Open, we embarked on the 7th England New International Chinese Martial Arts Championships which eventually saw us through with two silver and one bronze medals respectively. This partly attributes to the challenge that we could not train satisfactorily due to the short period after the US Open.

All the same, we have built an elite global reputation in the world of Tai chi that our students retain reserved participation slots to partake in some of the most prestigious tai chi competitions globally. Of course, we don’t just participate and count among the numbers in these competitions, we have been winning too!