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Regular weekly classes are a great way to establish your own Tai Chi practice and learn new skills which will help you become more relaxed, defeat stress and tap into the whole Tai Chi process. Have a look at our class timetable.

We teach in a progressive way which takes into consideration your pace of learning. We care about our students and teach Tai Chi and Qigong clearly and with respect.

Our classes are welcoming, non-competitive and hopefully enjoyable! We teach a range of Tai Chi and Qigong forms, depending on your level of experience. These forms include:

24 Posture Compact Form
37 Posture Cheng Man Ching Form
Tai Chi Qigong

In general, classes include 4 basic elements –

Dao Yin (warming up exercises) – these are a set of easy-to-learn exercises which include gentle stretches to warm up the whole body and help to remove toxins from joints and ligaments.

Qigong (exercises where movement is sychronised with natural breathing) – these exercises help strengthen and balance the energy within the internal organs and can aid concentration and reduce stress.

Tai Chi Chuan – a series of movements performed in a slow relaxed and harmonised way, making up what is know as the ‘Form’ of Tai Chi Chuan.

Push-hands practice (certain classes only) – these are partner exercises designed to help the student develop an understanding of the underlying philosophy of Tai Chi as a martial art.

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