Obviously, learning Tai Chi is a pleasurable and profitable experience. When you find yourself embarking on the exercise, take time to find ways in which you can truly experience pleasure and ease.

For every beginner, tai chi training is learnt fast during the training process. Our training arrangement is very simple in the sense that the trainer demonstrates a particular move several times, involves the students and then, monitors them while they do it repeatedly. Our training is available for people of all genders, ages and conditions to learn.

Also, you can perform the tai chi training with any type of cloth that ensures comfort. It is also advised that you wear shoes with good balance and support. Kindly note that there is no special clothing for the tai chi training.

Mode of Learning

We have developed top -quality beginner course that helps our students to learn and understand the basic fundamentals of Tai Chi. Our courses have really recorded massive success in assisting beginners to conquer any form of fear or challenges they might have.

Qi Gong Training

In this type of training, our students are exposed to learning different types of qi gong exercises, especially from the popular sequence known as ‘’eight pieces of silk brocade’’, which largely contributes to enhancing health status and developing the consciousness of the body’s energy.

In addition to the mode of learning, it is important we go through the available 6 steps in improving your mind and body wellness.

If you believe tai chi training strengthens the body, enhance your mental balance and create that sense of rest to your life, then you are taking the right step in indulging in this program.

Be persistent in your practice. In doing this, we advocate that you give yourself quality time to understand the critical values and philosophies of tai chi because this will certainly allow you to achieve a whole lot, including good health and steady progress.

Ongoing Classes

Our tai chi classes are organized in a variety of locations. They are always held in a comfortable environment so you can easily focus on your personal development. Truthfully, our tai chi class is effective not on in defense techniques, but also in reducing stress, while helping you out in ensuring a quiet mind, from which you can derive that inner joy you crave for.

Tai chi classes dwell more on philosophy and theory, using the Yang Style method to build a better knowledge and revelation of what tai chi stands for.

At the end, you are groomed from a novice in a seasoned tai chi master.